Accessibility statement

Resort 2025 Collection

Shot on location in the skate parks and rocky outcroppings of
Montauk, a collection as richly varied as the seasons it touches,
as free-spirited as the wild wind and the mist that clings to the
ocean. Transparency and movement. Elegance paired with a
playful irreverence. The body is elongated, celebrated. The hand
of the artist foregrounded in gestures both sweeping and delicate.
Floating chiffon and floral crepe caught adrift in the saline
breeze, the sun filtered through Chantilly lace and reflecting
off of sculpted leather, dense sequins, foiled knits. The form is
cocooned and revealed, shapes abbreviated and exaggerated, the
woman emerges—confident and complicated, as myriad as the
landscape that holds her.