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Celebrating Earth Day

At Ulla Johnson, every collection is a celebration of Mother Nature, a tradition instilled by our founder’s deep appreciation and love for the natural world. From our palettes and prints to our textures and volumes, the inspiration from nature is visible in every seam, silhouette, and ruffle. Parched red deserts, lush tropical milieus, and oceanside oases all have stories to tell, and each makes its way into Johnson’s designs. The ribbed surface of a cactus, delicate outlines of cherry blossom petals, and other organic shapes of nature are translated afresh each season.

This love for the planet also guides how we think about our business, from environmental initiatives such as transitioning to biodegradable hangers and poly bags, to social and economic enterprises such as uplifting women-run artisanal collectives that practice low-waste manufacturing. As of 2020, all freight shipping has become carbon neutral, and, when available, we repurpose previous seasons’ leftover material into shopping totes and capsule collections. Long-term partnerships with small-scale artisanal manufacturers in Peru, Uruguay, India, Kenya, Brazil, and Ghana provide regular work and sustainable economic development, while preserving textile traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. At Ulla Johnson, we understand the interconnectedness of the global fashion ecosystem, and believe that it’s more important than ever for a brand to make decisions with Mother Nature in mind.

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