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Big Sur, California

The last rays of a setting sun illuminate the outlines of Big Sur’s jagged cliffs, dark waters below shimmering with gold, while the stretching landscape entrances with its swaying grasses and striated rock formations. The Ulla Johnson Pre-Spring 2023 collection unfurls against the majesty of Big Sur’s natural beauty, conjuring a series of poetic juxtapositions that is captured beautifully by the gestural liveliness of Julia Noni’s campaign photography and the whimsical, layered styling of the silhouettes. Johnson effortlessly traces the landscape’s contours and translates them into vibrant, windswept silhouettes and flickering prints, deftly arranged into concrete volumes and flowing shapes with handcrafted details. Corded poplin, embroidered patchwork fabrics, and reconstructed floral patterns round out the exquisite offerings of Pre-Spring 2023.

Colors spring from the lush tones of wildflowers shown in unexpected combinations: pink thistle, coral poppy, and forsythia yellow are set against a darkly romantic backdrop of deepest Noir, twilight purple, and patinated gold. A play of contrasts defines the collection, between billowing softness and cool restraint, refracted geometry and streamlined utility, saturated monochrome and prismatic pattern. Textures, prints, and details overlap to exquisite effect across rippling tricot jersey frocks, intricate bobble-stitched knitwear, and eye-catching French lamé cloqué, while chic linen blends and new denim styles arrive in stylishly oversized silhouettes.