Spring Summer 2020 Campaign

Spring Summer 2020 Campaign

The Spring Summer 2020 collection embarks on a celebration of color and pattern creating a tableau of pastel and jewel toned splendor redolent of the rise and setting of the sun. The colors of earth and sun meet on a delicately embroidered cotton organdy where creeping vines and whimsical flowers dance across Victorian-inspired frocks.

Spring Summer 2020 Campaign Book

Inspired by the rich cultural weaving of her native New York City she crafts a collection that honors distinct and diverse voices and the manner in which they convene and converse in complex dialogue with one another.

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Photographer: Yelena Yemchuk
Stylist: April Hughes
Make-up: Romy Soleimani
Hair: Bob Recine
Location: Seville, Spain 

Photographers: Andres Altaminaro,
Astrid Dahl, Monica Feudi, Taylor Jewell,
Lewis Mirret, Sonny Vandevelde
Location: New York

Photographers: Peter Stanglmayr, Josie Miner
Location : Kenya, Africa