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Lush Tropics

Emerald-hued palm fronds sway in the warm breeze as the sun illuminates the aquamarine hues of a secluded inlet pool. Tranquil waters are adorned by pink water lilies that rest amongst an array of lily pads, reflecting the electric blue skies above. The breathtaking tropical vistas of Jamaica’s striking beaches, rich foliage, and rolling mountains create a vivid backdrop for our Pre-Fall 2023 campaign, shot by photographer Nadine Ijewere and set to brilliant effect by her exceptional use of color and volume. The expansive beaches of Port Antonio and serene idyls of Frenchman’s Cove create a vivid backdrop for the deeply saturated hues, body-skimming frocks, painterly prints, and expertly crafted handmade details of the latest collection, while the dream-like oasis of Somerset Fall’s evokes an otherworldly beauty that complements its silhouettes.