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Fall 2020 Craft & Technique

Fall 2020 Handcraft Techniques

Embroidered sheer silk organza lends a romantic and lavishly embellished note to the collection, where intricate beaded flowers and dots are layered on translucent ruffles and accented with densely beaded matte sequin collars.

Sumptuously quilted coats, wrap vests and asymmetrical skirts are pieced with sporadic stars and hexagons that take on a soft feminine geometry.

This printed and appliquéd group pairs two traditional quilting patterns - Grandmother’s Flower Garden (hexagons) and the Lone Star (star) to create an energetic patchwork out of bright florals and dots. 

Fall 2020 Knitwear strongly highlights handcraft techniques. In collaboration with artisan partners in Peru, hundreds of hand-crocheted flowers are delicately stitched together to create one of a kind dresses and pullovers.