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Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

For Pre Fall 2022, Ulla Johnson presents a bold and graphic collection evoking tropical whimsy and refined utility in equal measure. Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings of ‘the faraway’, the New Mexico terroir through O’Keefe’s hand carries an emotional weight much as do the clothes of Johnsons design. Shapes are both languid and architectural, tracing the body as O’Keefe traced the contours of the desert. The palette for the season expands past the opening notes of striking pale ecru, graphic noir, and bright peony to encompass a range of colors that pay homage to the land and sea - rich vermillion, coral, shades of sky and water blue, sand, shell, ochre, and gold. A collection built on discovery, on objects and moments found and kept. A tale has unfolded: one of striking nights and sun-soaked days, of power and persuasion, of contrast and nuance. A tale of travels both mythical and lived, of coming apart and finding each other and oneself anew. Scroll down to see looks. 

Scroll down to see looks.