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Fall '20 Notes & Inspiration

Fall 2020

For Fall 2020, Ulla Johnson crafts an emboldened and assertive vision of femininity. Extending the French architect Charlotte Perriand’s concept of “L’art de Vivre”, Ulla Johnson proposes an art of wearing offering up a new self-possessed sensuality. In Johnson’s view feeling beautiful serves to both empower and inspire the wearer and she plays between movement and rigor in a manner that both celebrates and cocoons the body. Johnson envisions a new polished language for dressing this season that is at once bold and subtle, charming and intimate, inviting you to celebrate the feminine in its myriad nuances.

The color palette draws from the saturated pigments and myriad flesh tones of the works of Francis Bacon. These intensely rich hues are set against the palette of the dry savannah landscape inspired by the designers recent trip to East Africa. Grounded shades of umber, dark chocolate, and a range of rose and leafy greens are lit up against electric tyrian purple, acid green, and bold turquoise.

Prints take their cues from the natural world conjuring a wild garden punctuated with hand drawn geometry.

Believing that women are alive in their contradictions, Johnson both embraces and subverts ladylike tropes marrying structured tailoring with diaphanous silks and molded leathers with sportif layering. Johnson whips up languid silhouettes in a rich liquid satin, allowing for a new exploration of draping that glides and gathers across the body.