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Spring/Summer 22 Stage: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Ulla Johnson’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection is an exuberant celebration of the natural world, with the runway show being held among the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s lush foxtail ferns and dappled morning light. 

Universally considered to be one of New York City’s most extraordinary havens, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is home to over 12,000 species of flora and over 30 specialty nurseries. It rolls and undulates across 52 acres like an unearthed emerald in a husk of concrete, and is open year-round. For many, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has taken on greater resonance as a respite—and a symbolic breath of fresh, fragrant air—throughout the past 18 months. 

This natural backdrop was elevated by a performance from the Attacca Quartet. The Grammy-award winning group strikes a perfect calibration between the classic and the modern: They deftly play everything from the traditionally symphonic to reinterpretations of video game soundtracks. For the Ulla Johnson catwalk, they scored the scene with a series of songs written by Caroline Shaw; The Ellipse, The Orangery and The Beech Tree.