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Hypnotic Handcrafts

An earthen-hued frock of soft silk flutters gently in a breeze, a pattern of expanding diamonds unfolding across its length, enhanced by delicate stitching. Prismatic crochet geometries complement this mesmerizing graphic, refracted through concentric squares in a series of cotton silhouettes—stunning forever-keepsakes. 

At the heart of every Ulla Johnson collection is a dedication to the beauty of handmade traditions from around the globe. For Autumn/Winter 2023, featherlight silk is clamp-dyed and stitched by hand by women artisans in Bangalore, India, an ongoing collaboration for the brand. Clamp dyeing is an ancient tradition, a time-intensive process that involves careful dyeing followed by expertly folding and clamping the fabric before dyeing it once more to achieve the dual-tone hues of these lightweight, effortless silhouettes. Subtle detailing is achieved through hand-embroidered stitching that creates added definition. These are true works of art, crafted with exquisite care in a practice that enables women to support their families through their income.

Handmade garments also help to preserve and generate appreciation for heritage textile production techniques in rural communities. The stunning details and shapes of the Pyramid Motif Hand-Crochet silhouettes—made in Peru by our long-term Fairtrade partners—are crafted through the use of ancestral skills. Intricate stitches create beautifully structural textures across a mosaic design that adorns drop-shoulder sweaters and a cylindrical column frock. Rich colorways superbly blend a variety of hues to accentuate the hypnotic geometries of the silhouettes. This partnership produces superbly handmade pieces that are sure to become future heirlooms, lasting a lifetime and helping to ensure the proliferation of cherished textile practices.