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Last year we were featured in T Magazine in a piece about 40 female artists and the women who remind them why they create. I chose Raven Leilani, a young black author whose debut novel ‘Luster’ moved me in a profound way. Of late, I have been doing some deep thinking about what propels me forward in this work that I (we) do, about what defines and distinguishes our process. I believe the level of care and consideration brought to every detail of what we do ~ not just the design but the make, the craft, the imaging, the language, the journey we take each season both temporally and physically imbue our garments with an emotional weight. In embracing color and pattern and volume we offer our woman access to a transformative beauty, one that I hope allows her to feel seen, and in being seen to see herself more clearly. As we approach the launch of a new season, I am reminded how much we invest in each of these looks and moments, and my deep desire that these things will live many lives after this first life, that they will be loved, and shared, and transformed themselves. -Ulla

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